Late last year, Meta started offering a no-ads subscription model in Europe. Users pay around $10/month to see zero ads.

This is to comply with evolving European privacy regulations.

But let’s face it, data privacy is also a growing concern in the US. And a similar model may also become available to Facebook and Instagram users here sooner rather than later.

How would this impact your marketing? In a nutshell, it would reduce views/clicks from the most lucrative subscribers — those who have money to blow.

Studies show that people who don’t blink at small recurring fees have more disposable income.

Now, the average user is on 6.6 social platforms. If each platform did a $10 subscription, that’s $72/month. For heavy social media users, that totals $720+ per year.

So, should you scale back your social media ad spend?

If your target audience is in the US, there’s no need to panic. But it may be wise to keep an eye on these developments and prepare a contingency plan.

One way to prepare is to double down on organic social growth now, so you can reach more subscribers without relying on ads.

And now might be a good time to explore other marketing avenues, whether it’s investing in search ads or ramping up your content strategy.

The main thing is you want to stay ahead of the changes in digital marketing. If you’d like to discuss your strategy, reach out to my team.