Google did something unusual this quarter.
They rolled out two broad core updates back-to-back, one in October and another in November.These updates came right as we headed into the busiest shopping season of the year—another unusual move.Google explained it this way on its updated Q&A page:​
Google says most content creators who are putting out “helpful, reliable, people-first content” shouldn’t have to worry. But it’s reasonable to be concerned about the timing of these updates—and how it might affect your holiday traffic.There’s not much you can do in the short term to recover a loss in rankings, but you can step up your other marketing strategies.​Email campaigns and paid search, programmatic, or social media ads can give you results very quickly, so they’re a good “Plan B” to help you drive more visitors to your site.I have experts in all of these areas at my ad agency.If you’re worried about your seasonal profits, let’s talk. Click here to schedule a call.​Cheers,Braulio Aranda